Our goal is to secure your purchases in China. We export your standard products and accompany you every day. 

We bring our expertise in negotiation and working culture in Chinese companies, to offer you all the necessary added valued to the success of your buying in China.

We ensure compliance with the procedures of each Chinese supplier, exchanges between buyer and seller, and the entire supplier chain. 


We offer following services for you.


⇒ Validation of the specifications with suppliers.

⇒ Price negotiation, production and buying conditions.

⇒ Coordination of different suppliers if necessary.

⇒ Adapting the product and packaging.

⇒ Follow pace of production and timeliness.

⇒ Selecting the freight for the delivery of the goods.

⇒ Management with the forwarder for delivery to the customer.                                                                                    


Our goal is to secure your purchases in the middle kingdom and allow you to work with serious and competent Chinese suppliers, respecting your requirement and budget. 

Sourcing In China offer you easy and secure purchases in China.                                                                                               

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