Quality control is the reflex to have to ensure receiving products according to your requirement, regain confidence and avoid disputes. Our quality control experience in varied and demanding fields will allow you to improve the quality of your productions.

To meet our goals we ask our customer to provide us with their requirements to guide our quality controllers and get a high level production. Our qualified team is present throughout your product manufacturing process; control of raw materials to the carton layout for shipping.

In the operational phase, the local quality control team will assist you in the supplier qualification phase (classification, process audit) but also in the monitoring plan development phase, but also in supplier training.

Sourcing In China intervenes on-site for you at different step of the production chain to assess the compliance of your products according to your specifications. 

We offer following services:

⇒ Control at the reception.

⇒ Control during production.

⇒ End of line control

⇒ Pre-shipment inspection (container load).

These check can be made.

⇒ 100% check.

⇒ By sampling.                                                                                                                     

⇒ Randomly.

And in a way:

⇒ Frequency.

⇒ Permanent.                                                                                                                    

For highly technical products, we can also also work with specialized companies in the inspection and factories audit. 

Do not hesitate to contact and give us your requirements in terms of quality and finishing of your products.

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