China is a growing market which raises many passions: the fact remains that with more than 1.3 billiard people and millions of companies, you have a potential in importing in the country. There is a huge demand in quality of raw materials, products and services. It's not accidental if major brands as luxury French brands and German automobile are real success in China.

Your business is doing well in your market and you want to expand your business in the middle kingdom, you want to integrate a market with of over 1.3 billion consumers. You know that the the cultural differences between China and your country force you to adapt to Chinese consumers. So you need to be supported by real experts of China. 

We provides following services:

⇒ General characteristics of China: Culture, politic and economy.

⇒ Conditions of entry on the market: Legal and administrative environment.

⇒ Communication strategy.

⇒ Demand analysis: Market size and growth potential, consumer behavior.

⇒ Competitive analysis: Local and foreign players, products, key factors of success. 

⇒ Distribution network: Canals, intermediates, commercial uses.

⇒ Communication: Choice of media.

⇒ Price policy.

The use of specialist partners in field is an essential way for your success in China because of the complexity of the business world in Asia. The opportunities that arise in this economic paradise can be sized in condition to be sufficiently ready and well accompanied in your dealings.                             

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