You want to buy in China in order to reduce your cost and increase your margins. But the purchasing process is complex and often fraught with pitfalls. Culture barrier, communication problems, fraud and false documents are common place in China: EC fake certificate, false export license, manufacturer existing online but not in the reality...

There are lot of opportunities in China, however, requires continued vigilance when doing business in China, buying in China can not be improvised. 

We offer following sourcing services:

⇒ Research and listing your products (according to your criteria and / or sample) according to a selection of the most competitive suppliers in China.

⇒ The production monitoring with the establishment of your requirements to suppliers, product adaptation and packaging, and the renegotiation of prices.

⇒ The visit and audit of factories, including quality control, inspection during production and pre shipment (customs documents before shipment), timeliness.

⇒ Translation of documents with suppliers, customs and export.

⇒ Price negotiation and contract with suppliers.  

⇒ Organisation and accompaniment of your missions in China, feasibility studies to buy or sell in China.

⇒ Customer service with English speakers at your service 7/7.

⇒ Exportation of many products: sporting goods, textiles, furniture, computer, advertising materials, stationery, gardening, hardware, etc...

Our goal is to find and work with qualified suppliers respecting your specifications and the required standards.

Sourcing In China advise you during your purchasing process, optimize and secure your buying.

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