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What you Need

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Be Understood

Our project management team is made up of chinese and Cameroonian people who know what you expect. We speack english, french, chinese and spanish of course.
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Save Money

We mostly work two levels: hidden costs and purchasing conditions. Our goal is that you spend the right amount of money to get exactly what you want in China
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Be Assisted.

From the start to the end of your projects with SIC-IT, you are in contact with one person who knows what you expect. Everything is clear all the way.
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Save Time

By overseeing every step of your orders in China, we are able to prevent issues and fix problem quickly resulting in less delays and faster in come for you.

Develop a passion for Sourcing

What do we do?

SIC IT is a Sourcing company that offers foreign companies support in their import projects. Support is provided throughout the purchasing process, and subcontracting advice and solutions in China are offered to companies wishing to have their production manufactured or outsourced.
Our comprehensive service streamlines the sourcing, negotiation, quality control, and the logistics aspects of any business, letting you focus on what you do best: running your business.

Sourcing In China IT

Our goals

Our Goals

We come in at any time of your projects in China and we help you to make your order a total success.

You spend the right amount of money to get exactly what you want in China .

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